Saturday, September 17, 2016

Teaching is no longer just teaching anymore. It's about inspiring kids to be the very best they can be socially, emotionally and academically.  

This week I not only inspired my students, but also inspired my colleagues to participate in International Dot Day. It was a day to help our students see that they are important and it's their job to "make their mark" in this world. I am proud of my colleagues who took on the challenge for their students.  

I am also so proud of my students who made their mark!  Pictures soon to follow!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

12 Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Quiet

As teachers, we always have classes that make us exhausted by saying, "Please be quiet", "Quiet please", and/or "No talking."     Throughout the school year we are trying to find different ways to get our students to be quiet.  Here are some fun ideas to try!

1) Play a Quiet Song-  Pick a special song and play it as a signal to let the students know it's time to work quietly.

2) Use a Special Sound- Use chimes, bells, triangles, whistle, and/or a rain stick.

3) Sing a Song-  Sing a song to the students.

4) Play a Quick Game of I Spy-  Call out to the class, I spy something...  It will get the students focused on the game verse their conversation.

5) Movement Break-  Get the kids up doing some type of physical exercise.

6) Brain Breaks-  Have the kids do some cross lateral movements.

7) Do a Random Countdown-  Pick a random number and count to it.  Once you get to that "special" number the kids will then be quiet.

8)  Hand Signal-  Come up with a hand signal as a visual sign to be quiet.

9)  Quiet Bubbles-  Blow bubbles throughout the classroom to quiet students.

10) Soft Speak-  Start speaking quietly to the class.  They have to be quiet in order to hear you!

12)  Use a Call Back-  You say, "Class" and then they repeat, "Yes"  or any other call back type.  See a previous post for ideas!

Try some of these and let me know if they work for you!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

My New Students are MY KIDS

Well, we are officially into the school year and the bond I am creating with my students is amazing.  I think I have the best 4th grade students on Earth!

I think about these kids while I am in school and out of school. I think about what they need to be successful not only in school, but in life.  I think about whether or not they are making friends and had a good day.  I am thinking about whether they understood my lesson on character traits or could I have done a better job explaining it to a few of them.  I am thinking that I did not get to conference with each student today about their learning but at least I got to make a personal connection with them on something that interests them.  I am thinking about how to get them to have the internal drive to be the very best that they can be while staying true to who they already are.  I am thinking that I only have 160 more days with them and it's not enough for the impact I want to have on their lives.

So, these students are not just my students...they are my kids!  They are part of my heart now and  they always will be!

Friday, July 24, 2015

How do you get student's attention?

As a teacher, it is so important to establish routines the first part of the school year.  Part of establishing routines are ways to get your student's attention.  In the past, I used call backs when I taught elementary school.   Since I am heading back to elementary school this fall, it's time for me to start thinking about which one(s) I plan to use this year.  

Here are some I have heard or thought about:

Duck, Duck...  Goose
Hey Class... YES
Hi Ho! Hi Ho! ....It's Off to Work We GO!
Red Robin... YUM!
Everybody ROCK... Everybody ROLL!
Can I get a.... Whoop, Whoop!
Are you ready kids? ... Aye, Aye Captain
Meanwhile.... Back at the Ranch
Holy Moly...Guacamole
Hocus Pocus...Time to Focus!
Hocus Pocus... Everybody Focus!
Zip, Zip, Zap...We are all that!
All Set... You Bet!
Class... YES

What do you use???

Thursday, July 23, 2015

OWL Themed Teacher MEGA Pack

I am so excited to be teaching a NEW GRADE at a NEW SCHOOL next year!  
Therefore, it was time for me to develop a NEW Theme! 


It's going to be a HOOT!
It's going to be an OWL-Standing YEAR!
Looks Whooo's in 4th Grade!
Whooo's Ready to READ?
4th Grade is a HOOT!

What fun I am going to have with this theme!  With a new theme, means new products!  
Check out my latest products:

Teacher Lesson/Binder Mega Pack

AND ...Cool Notes for kids!

I hope you are enjoying summer break just as much as I am!  

Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's Almost Summer Break!

Where did the school year go?  
It seems like yesterday we were just heading back from our last summer break!

As we head into this break, I want to share 5 things I was most grateful this year:

  1. Being able to share my love of books every day with students.  Seeing their excitement when they are able to get lost in a book or read a book they thought was too hard for them!  
  2. I am grateful that I work in such an amazing building with some talented teachers.  Being able to share ideas with them, laugh with them and spend time with them makes me smile.
  3. Turning a non-reader into a reader melts my heart!
  4. I am so happy that I tried so many new technology resources this year!  What an enhancement they made to my daily lessons.
  5. I feel so lucky to work with such an amazing community of parents!

Friday, May 1, 2015

I Love Books!

I love books!  I love to read!  I love to get lost in someone else's world!  

Unfortunately, it wasn't always this way because I was not a strong reader in 1st grade compared to the other students.  However, I had an amazing teacher who didn't just push phonics on me or sight words down my throat, instead she started to lay the foundation of loving books.  Thank you Connie Merritt for reading all of those Amelia Bedelia books as they sparked my love for reading.  (Something my youngest child, Breana is also fond of reading!) 

As teachers, our number one job is to spark some type of light into our student's lives.  For me, as a Reading teacher that spark is to help my students become lifelong readers by helping them find that "just right" book which is the beginning of laying down the foundation to love books!   Each year, I am challenged with doing this and it's exciting.  As this school year wraps up and I look around my classroom as each of my students are lost in a book, I get teared up as I also helped them create that foundation.  

I am so blessed to be a teacher.  :)